Les Impuxibles - Ariadna i Clara Peya
  • 2020

Music, words and movement to free the body from social pressure in this work in progress

Les Impuxibles see their work as a vehicle to bring to light everything never seen on a stage. It might be sexual violence (Aüc), mental suffering (Suite TOC núm. 6) or now, with FAM, social pressure on the body, especially women’s bodies. As always, their approach is unconventional: where others see a problem, they – Ariadna and Clara Peya, Judit Colomer and María Velasco – see a revolutionary response. Hunger appears in FAM as the driver of life, as desire and instinct. True to their multidisciplinary nature, this work in progress once again mixes music, movement and words.

Artistic team

Artistic team

  • Authory: Les Impuxibles, Judit Colomer and María Velasco  
  • Direction: Ariadna Peya and Clara Peya  
  • Text: María Velasco 
  • Musical composition and interpretation: Clara Peya  
  • Choreography: Ariadna Peya  
  • Performers: Helena Gispert, Joana Gomila, Ariadna Peya, Clara Peya and Kathy Sey
  • Scenic space: Judit Colomer Mascaró 
  • Lighting: Jordi Berch 
  • Sound space: Carles Bernal 
  • Production: Les Impuxibles, Grec Festival de Barcelona 2021 and Temporada Alta   
  • With the collaboration of: Sismògraf and ICEC
  • www.lesimpuxibles.com 
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Duration: 45 min


7 December, 19:30
WARNING: due to COVID regulations, this show has been rescheduled. The new time is at 7.30 pm.
Price: 15€

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