Els colors de Duke Ellington

Cascai Teatre - Marcel Tomàs - Girona Jazz Project
  • 2021

A fun and glamorous concert with the evocative music of one of the great geniuses of jazz

One of the great Catalan comics surprises us again with a hilarious concert dedicated to the wonderful music of Duke Ellington. A journey through the history of jazz with the Girona Jazz Project Big Band.

Duration: 1 h 20 min


Show for all audiences

Artistic team

  • Artistic creation and direction: Marcel Tomàs
  • Musical direction and arrangements: Xavier Molina and Adrià Bauzó
  • Performers: Marcel Tomàs and Toni Escribano
  • Band: Xavi Molina (alto sax and clarinet), Adrià Bauzó (alto and tenor sax), Jordi Casas (tenor sax), Tomàs Pujol (double bass), Aleix Cansell (piano), Raúl Gallego (trumpet), Albert Clapés (trumpet), Raúl Pérez (drums) and Pablo Martín (trombone)
  • Lighting: Gerard Canadell
  • Sound space: Carles Xirgu
  • Choreographic movement: Marta Ribera
  • Coproduction: Cascai Teatre and Girona Jazz Project
  • www.cascai.com
  • With the collaboration of

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1 November, 18:00Noves funcions:1 November, 12:00
Price: 25 €
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