Cristo está en Tinder

Rodrigo García

Rodrigo García explores the analgesic omnipresence of Christ in contemporary society

With three performers (with whom he had never worked before) and a musician, Rodrigo García has built his latest show from curiosity, alertness and fragility. The Argentine playwright and director assures that the core of Cristo está en Tinder is the expectation (that we all feel for each other, to know who we are). From the generational clash that gives them to speak different languages, performers and director have tried to explore the world they share to see if it is really the same world and to seem their diverse perceptions of reality in a single fiction. According to the thesis of the play, we take it for granted that Christ is everywhere, although there are people who have done more important things than him: Homer, Alexander the Great, Isaac Newton or Mozart. And this is because Christ has an analgesic power, relieving the fear of death, and reserves for us a space in the Hereafter. For García, Christ is a psychedelic box of surprises and the key to backbone all the pieces of this montage.

Artistic team

Artistic team

Written and directed by Rodrigo García

Performers: Elisa Forcano, Selma Ortega, Javier Pedreira and Carlos Pulpón

Lighting design: Carlos Marquerie

Filming: Daniel Iturbe

Production: Teatro de La Abadía, Festival Actoral (Marseille), Next Festival (Valenciennes) and Temporada Alta

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Premiere in Catalunya

Price: Tickets on sale September 2023