Com destruir una casa

Oriol Morales i Pujolar - Aleix Plana
  • 2022

La Planeta continues its successful cycle of verbatim theater with this show that presents several testimonies about the difficulty of having a house, a home

Having a house, a home, a right enshrined in the Spanish Constitution, has become a real headache for many people. This problem is at the heart of the new production in the successful verbatim theatre season in Sala La Planeta in Girona.

Artistic team

Artistic team

Direction and dramaturgy: Oriol Morales i Pujolar and Aleix Plana

Performeres: Karin Barbeta, Marta Fíguls and Carolina Morro Glueck

Stage space and lighting: Mercè Lucchetti

Production: Mithistòrima Produccions, SL

With the support of: Diputació de Girona, Ajuntament de Girona and ICEC

Thanks to Àvia Anita, Juan Pablo Mazorra, Mª Àngels Pujolar, Georgia Sibilla Pujol, Vicky Gallego, Col·legi de Teatre de Barcelona and Temporada Alta 2022

With the participation of: Roser Bona, Xavi Buxeda, Pol Andiñach (Cuellilargo), Sol Domínguez, Augusto Dos Santos, Denise Duncan, Georgina López Crespo and Joan Martí-Carreras

Internship student at the Theater Institute: Rubén Romero
Composition of the ‘Gran Himno Constitucional’: Gerard Bosch

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2 December, 20:003 December, 20:004 December, 18:00
Duration: 1 h 30 min
Show in Catalan
Price: €18

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