Camí a l’escola

Campi qui pugui
  • 2022

A true story inspired by children around the world on their daily journey to the future

Three sisters aim to hold the future in their hands and, to do so, their life involves overcoming obstacles and dangers every day to get to school. It has been recognised as best family show at the Catalan Critics’ Awards.

Artistic team

Artistic team

Author: Campi qui pugui

Direction: Rosa Díaz (La Rous Teatro)

Performers: Aitana Giralt, Alícia Buil, Cristina García, Jordi Pedrós and Erik Varea

Sceni space: Joan Pena

Costume: Rosa Solé

Lightning and sound: Marc Espinosa (Show Disseny)

Production: Campi qui pugui

Veure més
27 November, 12:00
Duration: 1 h
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Show recommended from 5 years
If children under the age of 3 do not occupy a seat, they do not need a ticket
Price: €10


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