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Checkhov - La Calòrica
  • 2021

The company reflects, with its usual irony, on the future imagined by Anton Chekhov

The Catalan company La Calòrica celebrates a decade of success and trying out new formats such as this theatre rehearsal, which, with their typical irony, questions whether the world is as happy as Chekhov imagined a hundred years ago.

Artistic team

Artistic team

  • Dramaturgy and direction: Joan Yago
  • Selection of Chekhov’s texts: Marina Garcés and La Calòrica
  • Translation of Chekhov’s texts: Joan Casas and Nina Abrova
  • Performers: Esther López, Marc Rius, Júlia Truyol, Xavi Francés and Aitor Galisteo-Rocher
  • Scenic space: La Calòrica and Adrià Pinar
  • Costume: Joana Martí
  • Lighting: Adrià Pinar
  • Production: La Calòrica
  • Coproduction: Temporada Alta, Biennal del Pensament – Ciutat Oberta, CCCB and La Calòrica
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Duration: 1 h 10 min

23 October, 18:00New functions:23 October, 20:30
Price: 28 € / 18 €


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