Companyia Samfaina de Colors
  • 2021

The poetics of memories invites the little ones to take a magical journey

Similar to the moment when a smell evokes a person or a photograph transports us to a landscape, in Andròmines a young woman goes up into the attic of her house and, by rediscovering her toys, for an instant she is a child again. A moment captured by Mirna Vilasís and Xavi Múrcia with a poetic show where nostalgia and the transi ence of time take centre stage.

Artistic team

Artistic team

  • Authory: Mirna Vilasís
  • Direction: Anna Ros
  • Musical direction and composition: Xavi Múrcia
  • Performers: Mirna Vilasís and Xavi Múrcia
  • Scenic space: Berta Vidal and Raül Vilasís
  • Costume: Victoria Cretenze
  • Lighting: Rafel Roca
  • Sound space: Marc Jódar, Ivan Rubio, Marta Vilellas and Marc Domènech
  • Digital tools: Julian Waisbord
  • Nina: Ana Moyano Mangas
  • Puppets: Martí Doy
  • Attrezzo: Martí Doy, Berta Vidal and Raül Vilasís
  • Production: Discos a Mà and Samfaina de Colors
  • Coproduction: LaSala Teatre
  • With the support of
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Càpsules (TA12)

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Duration: 50 min

Show for all audiences

From 3 years old

Temporada Alta family programme is supported by:  

7 November, 18:00
Price: 10 €


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