Temporada Alta closes its most international edition approaching full occupacy

The final curtain has fallen on the 25th edition of Temporada Alta after two months of the Festival. We have been able to see 99 shows with 194 performances (31 additional ones), which have made up a program of 32 absolute debuts28 productions and co-productions, 60 proposals by Catalan authors, 27 shows of contemporary creation and up to 30 international productions from 18 different countries. Once again the audience has been the star of the show with a record attendance of 96,31% and a total number of 47,728 spectators

The Festival has positioned Catalonia on the international performing arts map with 30 shows from outside, of which 25 were international and 5 from the rest of the state. Amongst these performances were the “Connexió Iberoamèrica” and “Connexió Flandes” cycles, bringing the public closer to Latin American and Flemish theatrical proposals.

Temporada Alta makes an ever increasing commitment to ensure a portion of its co-productions have an international component. So this year, six co-productions have been presented with directors or resources from outside Catalonia.

This year, for the sixth consecutive year, the Programmer Week has been a success. These were three days where the Festival programmed up to 10 proposals of contemporary creation and joined together 96 national and international performing arts professionals from 17 different countries. Over these days over 300 hotel beds were sold in Girona and Salt to artists, programmers and the media.

Once again this year, Temporada Alta has confirmed its social commitment. In total, 1,859 young people and people at risk from social exclusion have benefitted from the programs. The Festival has made contact with thirty organisations from Girona. 584 free tickets and 975 at a reduced price have been made available along with 300 entrances to rehearsals for the people from these groups.

Over and above the economic figures, this year Temporada Alta has had a total of 313 people working directly on its organisation and management and with over 813 professionals connected to the shows. What is more, Temporada Alta also gives an important economic boost too the whole of the urban area of Girona and has become one of the major motors of tourism for the city. A simple point of reference is, for example, the 1,572 hotel room reservations organised directly by the Festival while it was being held.