Fifth Edition of Temporada Alta in Latin America 2017

The fifth edition of Temporada Alta in Latin America strengthens this summer festival with 17 shows, 73 performances and 3 centres (Buenos Aires, Lima and Montevideo)

A total of 17 shows, including three productions of Catalan and Balearic drama and contemporary creation and the fifth edition of the Transatlantic Playwriting Tournament will form the programme of "Temporada Alta in Latin America 2017" which will take place in the capitals of Argentina, Uruguay and Peru from 5th February to 22nd February. La Historia del Sr Sommer by the actor from Artà (Majorca), Pep Tosar, a one-man show which brings a story by Patrick Süskind to the stage. Acorar, the famous Mallorcan monologue from Toni Gomila which reflects on the collective identity of the people. And, finally, Oscar Muñoz, visiting Latin America for the first time in a much lauded play by Bernard-Marie Koltés, La noche justo antes de los bosques.

For the fifth time, Temporada Alta will act as a platform for promoting the country’s theatre, creating a springboard for Catalan and Balearic artists and companies in Latin America.

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