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A total audience of 61,605 people with 89.21% occupancy at the performances

The 28th edition of the festival has come to an end; which offered 95 proposals, with a positive result both in terms of audience numbers as well as occupancy rates. Temporada Alta has reaffirmed itself as one of the great exhibitors of the performing arts world both at home and abroad. For years we have been committed to attracting renowned international names (this year we had 27 proposals, 7 more than in 2018, from directors such as Thomas Ostermeier, Oskaras Korsunovas, Claudio Tolcachir, Dada Masilo and Christiane Jathay) along with some of our own renowned artists such as (Àlex Rigola, Llàtzer Garcia, Cabosanroque, Pere Faura and El Conde de Torrefiel) offering a large number of premieres (47) and acting as one of the most important production groups in Southern Europe with 25 co-produced performances in this edition, 20 of which are already guaranteed to go on tour.

Over the years, Temporada Alta has become the meeting point for renowned international professionals. The Programmers Week has beaten its record and has welcomed 105 programmers from 14 different countries (more programmers and more countries than in the last edition).

As for audience numbers, this year 51,692 people attended the performances, a figure that represents an 89.21% occupancy rate, which in total represents 2,867 more attendees compared to 2018. In total, 95 shows were presented and 243 performances took place, as the overwhelming demand for tickets led to 27 additional performances taking place, with a total of 6,642 new tickets on sale. The total number of participants in Temporada Alta rose to 61,605 people if, in addition to those attending the performances, we include the attendees at complementary activities (2,413) and those who participated in the A Tempo project (6,106). One of the new features of this edition has been the creation of the Artèria project, aimed at the under 30s. During the festival months only, 479 people joined and 426 tickets were purchased using discounts offered by the free digital card which comes with the project.

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