A new website to make access and choosing shows easier for you

We’re launching a new website, and we’re doing so in order to improve its accessibility and to help you with choosing the Festival shows. We know that choosing from 100 shows at more than 20 venues can turn the Temporada Alta experience into something of an Odyssey. That’s why we want to make things easier for you.

One of the main innovations of our new website is that it enables us to classify the shows according to different tastes. We’ve established a new classification based on your preferences: Well-known names and faces, shows with popular artists and celebrities from the performing arts, TA seal, spectacles that define us as a Festival, Current affairs on-stage, works focusing on today’s world and its conflicts, Groundbreaking shows, alternative and unconventional works, and Fun and entertainment, where you will find enjoyable and cheerful shows. The website also enables you to filter shows by venues, genres, whether they are international productions and their suitability for children.

The Festival cycles

Every year, with your show preferences in mind, the Festival also proposes several cycles so that you can fine-tune your selection. This year we will continue with Latin American Connection, a bridge between European and Latin American drama, the Flanders Connection, which provides a window for one of the most fertile and dynamic artistic industries in Europe, and Cinema and Scene, the hybridization between cinema and drama.

This time we also want to classify all the shows with features making it easier for any spectators with functional diversity to watch them.

Are you still lost?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Send us an email, telling us about your tastes and the Temporada Alta shows you’ve seen on other occasions, and we’ll send you a customized reply with our suggestions.