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Angélica Liddell

Angélica Liddell returns to attend her own funeral performance

“The act of writing is a gift given to us from below”. With these words Baroness Karen Blixe, who died in 1962, defined the art of writing. With this starting point and the idea that all artistic gifts come from that pact, in exchange for which someone must suffer, Angélica Liddell’s new project is born. This return to the stage will serve the artist to refresh her own funeral, accompanied by an African group, which will interpret live the Mass of Luba. Once she becomes a zombie, in her own words, Liddell intends to transcend, before her audience, the powers that emanate from a whole stage and a tragic perimeter, and will speak to us of God’s tolerance, of poetry and of her particular vision of the world, always profound and terrible.

Artistic team

Artistic team

Author: Angélica Liddell

Performer: Angélica Liddell

Music: Luba Mass (Live music)

Coproduction: Temporada Alta and other producers TBD

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Price: Tickets on sale September 2023