Sopa de cabra

30 anniversary of 'Ben endins'
  • 2021

A concert to remember and celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the album that marked a whole generation

Ben endins was the album that catapulted Sopa de Cabra to fame in 1991 and they became one of the best Catalan rock bands. Thirty years later, they will revisit the songs on the album and other great hits that have become anthems for a generation.

Duration: 1 h 40 min

The programme of the Auditori de Girona has the collaboration of:  

Artistic team

  • Band: Gerard Quintana (voice), Josep Thió (guitar), Cuco Lisic (bass), Pep Bosch (drums), Peck (guitar), Ricard Sohn (keyboards) and Valen Nieto (guitars, synthesisers and others)
  • Organized with Promo Arts Music
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16 October, 17:3016 October, 21:00
Price: 32€ / 25€
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