Sísif fa no fa

Indi Gest - Jordi Oriol

Jordi Oriol gives voice to a modern time Sisyphus

After tailoring Hamlet (La caigua de l’H), La tormenta (L’empestat) and Macbeth (La mala dicció), Jordi Oriol leaves Shakespeare aside as his particular scenic playground to take the story of Sisyphus (the myth and archetype) as a starting point. His motivation, this time, is to make a Sisyphus of this time speak so that, in a perverse way, he can trick us by manipulating his story to make us believe what we all know to be unbelievable.

Sísif fa no fa wants to give voice to a Sisyphus who knows that he is trapped in the incessant gear of the society of capital and that he can never be satisfied. An ode to the vain effort of man, who delves into this contemporary submission, and who, unable to understand the world, fights against suicide and is confronted at all times with this incomprehension. Sisyphus, obtuse and conscious, will continue to pick stone -or, perhaps, push it- to plant it at the top of the summit (or almost) and, from there, to let it more or less fall. Or something like that. And yet, more or less, he will resort to art, so as not to really die.

Artistic team

Artistic team

Written and directed by: Jordi Oriol

Production: Indi Gest, Teatre Lliure and Temporada Alta

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Price: Tickets on sale September 2023