Sílvia Pérez Cruz & Farsa Circus Band

Farsa (gènere impossible)
  • 2020

Sílvia Pérez Cruz presents her latest record together with a group made up of great musicians of her generation

She is one of the most unique and magical voices in the country and now brings us a new album with her own songs. In Farsa (género imposible) Sílvia has established a dialogue between the lyrics and theatre (including the compositions of Cyrano with Lluís Homar), dance, cinema and painting. An album that explores the duality of what we reveal and what we really are; the fragility our inner selves at a time when the outside world is devastating. On this occasion, she will delight us with the songs of this new project accompanied by the musicians of the Farsa Circus Band, with whom she has reunited after many years. 

Artistic team

Artistic team

  • Sílvia Pérez Cruz (voice) 
  • Marco Mezquida (piano, keys) 
  • Aleix Tobias (percussion) 
  • Mario Mas (guitar) 
  • Bori Albero (double bass) 
  • Carlos Montfort (violin) 



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Duration: 120 min (aprox.)

Premiere in Catalonia

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22 December, 19:30
WARNING: Show rescheduled for 22th December due to Covid-19 regulations
Price: 30€ / 25€ / 15€

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