Accions de resistència

Susanna Barranco - Marta Galán
  • 2020

A critique of the economic system awarded with the 2020 BBVA Prize for Theatre

With Accions de resistència [Acts of Resistance], Susanna Barranco shows us a dystopian society of the future in which birth, life, work and death become just another token for exchange in the marketplace. The work, awarded the 2020 BBVA Prize for Theatre, is blend of documentary, stagecraft and text that reflects upon uncertainty and critiques the economic system we inhabit by means of four acts of resistances: giving birth, walking, not producing and dying. In a society whose backbone is capital, resistance to the imposed rules may help create bond of reciprocity between us.

Artistic team

Artistic team

  • Direction and performing: Susanna Barranco
  • Text and co-direction: Marta Galán
  • Lighting: Ana Rovira and Conrado Parodi
  • Drums and sound: Cristian Mira
  • Production: Mousiké and Cia. Susanna Barranco
  • With the support of: OSIC (Cultural Initiative Support Office)
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