La materia

Olga Pericet

Second chapter in the Olga Pericet trilogy, inspired by 'La Leona'

Second independent chapter of what will become a trilogy inspired by La Leona (the famous guitar of Antonio De Torres that could be considered the first prototype of Spanish and flamenco guitar), and the evolution of his guitars. In this way, the artist continues to advance and challenge this project where he enters a world full of challenges and births, of evolution and transmutation in terms of looking from inside and outside the instrument, the animal, from its construction, from its origin to its most precious and refined beauty and balance. From La Fea, through La Leona, to La Invencible.

Artistic team

Artistic team

Artistic direction and original idea: Olga Pericet

Guest artist: Daniel Abreu

Co-creation, choreography and dance: Olga Pericet and Daniel Abreu

Stage direction: Daniel Abreu

Musical direction: Olga Pericet

Original music and arrangements: José Manuel León and Juanfe Pérez

Guitar: José Manuel Leon

Bass: Juanfe Pérez

Percussion: Javier Rabadán

Lighting design: Alfredo Díez

Sound design: Angel Olalla

Image and photography: Paco Villalta

Executive production: Miquel Santin

Production: Olga Pericet, Peineta Producciones y Temporada Alta

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Price: Tickets on sale September 2023