La cabra, o qui és Sylvia?

Edward Albee - Iván Morales
  • 2020

A tragicomedy starring Emma Vilarasau and Jordi Bosch about the confusing nature of love and desire

The North American playwright Edward Albee won the most prominent theatre awards in the United States when The Goat, or Who Is Sylvia? premiered in 2002, a tragedy about the confusing nature of love and desire that we can now see in this version, La cabra, o qui és Sylvia?, directed by Iván Morales and starring Emma Vilarasau and Jordi Bosch. Martin is a man with an enviable family and life, he has just received a prestigious award and a commission that will culminate his career as an architect. However, he has been keeping a secret that has been torturing him for months, one that he will only dare to confess to his old friend Ross, a famous journalist who he has been pals with for over 50 years and with whom he has an indestructible friendship. Martin’s confession will open a monstrous door, which will cause a crisis in their lives that they would never have imagined…

Artistic team

Artistic team

  • Author: Edward Albee
  • Translation: Josep Maria Pou
  • Director: Iván Morales
  • Cast: Jordi Bosch, Emma Vilarasau, Roger Vilà and Jordi Martínez
  • Staging: Marc Salicrú, with the collaboration of Adrià Pinar
  • Lighting:Sam Lee
  • Costume: Nídia Tusal
  • Sound Design: Clara Aguilar
  • Assistant Director: Marc Cartanyà
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Duration: 1 h 30 min

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26 June, 19:30
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