Com els pingüins

La Bleda

La Bleda presents a comedy based on true events

Com els pingüins is the new show of La Bleda, a co-production of El Canal and Temporada Alta. It is a dramatic comedy based on real events and is based on the personal experience of the actress and clown, Helena Escobar, its creator. It is a piece for all audiences that reflects on walking, knowing how to fall, resilience, effort and survival; about “falling and knowing that you are falling to get up later and learn to walk in your own way and in spite of everything, even if it means walking”. The proposal is a family show based on humor, visual poetry and clown theater, directed by Rosa Diaz and dramaturgy by Jordi Palet. La Bleda is an independent company of self-created shows born in 2001 formed by Helena Escobar and Pere Hosta.

Artistic team

Artistic team

Creation: Cia. La Bleda

Direction: Enric Ases

Playwright: Jordi Palet

Archive: Rosa Diaz

Performer: Helena Escobar

Set design: Iolanda Llansó

Set design building: Jordà Ferré

Music: Pep Pascual

Visuals: Isa Campo, Albert Coma

Executive producer: Pere Hosta

Co-production: El Canal i Temporada Alta

For all audiences

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Price: Tickets on sale September 2023