Bouvetøya (la necessitat d’una illa) (At distance)

Julio Manrique – Ivan Benet – Cristina Genebat – Sergi Pompermayer
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At distance
  • 2020
  • At distance 2020

The 2020 festival opens with a journey to a magical island: Bouvetøya, the last place on earth

Julio Manrique has imagined an island where everything is possible, even making the invisible visible. The festival’s opening show endeavours to take the audience to a place where culture and knowledge are cared for and preserved as a treasure, valuable and fragile in equal measure. The director, inspired by Ray Bradbury (Fahrenheit 451), Shakespeare (The Tempest) and other writers, welcomes the audience with a production that seeks to be an act of resistance and rebellion. A defence of what seems unnecessary until extraordinary events show that the intangible – such as culture and beauty – can also be a good of first necessity. 

Artistic team

Artistic team

  • Authory: Julio Manrique, Cristina Genebat, Sergi Pompermayer and Ivan Benet 
  • Direction: Julio Manrique 
  • Performers: Mireia Aixalà, Ivan Benet, Cristina Genebat, Xavi Ricart, Marc Rodríguez and Andrew Tarbet 
  • Scenic space and costume: Lluc Castell
  • Lighting : Jaume Ventura 
  • Sound space: Damien Bazin 
  • Video: Salvador Sunyer – Nanouk Films 
  • Live video: Toni Vidal i DOP – Nanouk Films 
  • Production: Temporada Alta 2020   
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Duration: 1 h 20 min (aprox.) 


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At distance
7 October, 20:30
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Price: 5€