Sonoma (Le film, pas le spectacle)

Xavi Lozano - Albert Pons
  • 2023

A year before its passage through the prestigious Festival d’Avignon, the company La Veronal starts the process of creating and rehearsing Sonoma, its new contemporary dance piece. Inspired by Buñuel and surrealism, the director and choreographer Marcos Morau and his dancers give shape to the ideas. The film documents the process through video recordings, audio, and short fictions inspired by the creation and rehearsal process itself.

Artistic team

Artistic team

Direction: Xavi Lozano, Albert Pons

Script: Daniel González

Music: Eloi Caballé, Cristina Txeca

Photography: Marc González, Albert Pons

Veure més
18 November, 12:00
Duration: 88 min
Price: 7 €

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