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Harold Pinter - Tg STAN

Salt, November 8th

Teatre de Salt

Theater and literature Collective creation Couple relationships Harold Pinter

Artistic team

  • Author: Harold Pinter
  • Creation and performance: Jolente de Keersmaeker, Robby Cleiren and Frank Vercruyssen
  • Lighting: Thomas Walgrave
  • Costume: An d’Huys
  • Production: Tg STAN
  • www.stan.be
  • This show is presented in the framework of Pyrenart, project POCTEFA 2014-2020 (Spain – France – Andorra) co-financed for the European Development Fund (FEDER)

Teatre de Salt

28€ / 16€

Duration: 1 h 15 min


Friday, 8
– 20:30

Premiere in the Spanish State

State: Belgium

Show in French with Catalan surtitles