97 Spectacles in a Multi-disciplinary Programme which is Fast Becoming a Great Cultural Showcase for the Country

The 27th Autumn Festival of Catalonia is here with 97 shows: a total of 25 international spectacles, 26 productions and co-productions, 26 premieres and 65 proposals by Catalan authors. A multi-disciplinary programme which, once again, is turning the Festival into a great cultural showcase and the gateway to the Catalan theatre season.

Declan Donnellan, The 1927 Company, Romeo Catellucci, Oskaras Korsunovas, Mariano Pensotti, Federico León, Christiane Jatahy, Guy Cassiers, Josse de Pauw and Alain Platel are some of the stars of the international programme, with a wide range of drama, dance, music and contemporary creation.

The Festival continues to demonstrate its support for home-grown talent, with works by renowned artists and dramatists such as Àlex Rigola, Pau Miró, Julio Manrique, Cristina Genebat, Pep Tosar, Jordi Casanovas, Ramon Madaula, Llàtzer Garcia and Alícia Gorina, together with contemporary creation proposals such as those by Mal Pelo, El Conde de Torrefiel, Lali Ayguadé, Roger Bernat and Animal Religion, as well as many others.

The film schedule acquires a higher profile and is made up of two cycles this year: Cine i escena, grouping together cinematographic proposals somehow related to the performing arts, and Cinema de temporada, a programme which includes a selection of current-day films from both home and abroad.

This year we should highlight the prominence of current affairs (refugees, journalistic ethics, drug trafficking, historical memory and so on). They go on stage and turn the Festival into a space for putting their fingers on the pulse of present-day society.

One of the main features this year is that Temporada Alta, together with Fundació La Ciutat Invisible, is presenting a new social programme to reinforce the educational aspect of the Festival, enabling it to enter training centres. 

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