4 international co-productions for the 2018 edition: a commitment to the projection of the Catalan scene

Temporada Alta is consolidated to be one of the most prominent stages in Europe and will continue to work towards internationalization. The display of the best theatre from around the world, our commitment to professional reunions, and the co-production of shows have been consolidated as the spearheads of our programming.

Following the line of international productions in which foreign creators are invited to take on stage sets with Catalan artists, La néta del senyor Linh will be premièred, a co-production between the Festival itself and the Teatre Lliure of Barcelona and the Toneelhuis Theatre from Antwerp. The set is based on the novel by Philippe Claudel, directed by the renowned Belgian director, Guy Cassiers, and starring Lluís Homar.

Also with foreign directors and teams from other countries, Temporada Alta presents L’omissió de la família Coleman, a play that will be projected onto the world of the scene by the Argentinian Director, Claudio Tolcachir, who will now work with an artistic and technical team in this, country. The cast will be made up of Roser Batalla, Bruna Cusí, Josep Julien, Cesca Piñón, Vanessa Segura, Marc Rodríguez, Ireneu Tranis and Sergi Torrecilla.

Finally, this year in Catalonia, within the framework of the Festival, will be the première of Here, a collaboration between two choreographers, the Catalan Lali Ayguadé and the French Moroccan, Guilhem Cahtir. The proposal is part of the Pyrenart programme of regional cooperation with the European Union, one of the main commitments of the Festival in its bid for internationalization and to encourage production and scenic relationships on both sides of the Pyrenees.