V7: el problema en pie

Susanna Barranco (CIA)

Susanna Barranco investigates fear and freedom of expression in her work in progress

The project V7: El problema sigue en pie is Susanna Barranco’s new theatrical project born from an investigation about fear and freedom of expression, the validation processes that artistic pieces must go through and how these institutionalized and bureaucratized processes can affect creation. Planned, for the moment, as a work in progress, the show shows two characters who meet in a single stage space where they represent an eternal and reflective dialogue: a Greek poet (the first to be censored) and a prostitute.

This eternal dialogue will allow to reflect on issues such as censorship, fear, freedom of expression, violence or power, among others. The scenic space and time are presented as two diffused elements that constitute a universe in which performativity will coexist with a series of texts of its own creation and others inspired and based on artistic works, especially literary and cinematographic, which at some point will be censored.

Artistic team

Artistic team

Author: Susanna Barranco


Production: Temporada Alta

Rest of the artistic team TBD

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Price: Tickets on sale September 2023