Madame Lumière

La Menuda

The company La Menuda presents a multidisciplinary show about light, night and the power of music

Twilight, with the last rays of daylight, enters the theater. Among the darkness and the reddish, orange and blue colors, crickets and classical melodies will appear to welcome the night. It is at that moment when Madame Lumière arrives. This fascinating character will be in charge of bringing dreams to life throughout the night: dreams in deep seas, childhood dreams, boreal dreams… and even some nightmares. The night surrounded by a sound space and a delicate soundtrack performed with exquisite excellence, will come at dawn, the time to wake up and enjoy the memory of the dreams lived during this beautiful night. Madame Lumière is a multidisciplinary show (music, dance, stage and light) of La Menuda that will lead us, through this dreamlike journey, to get excited from the visual poetry framed with a delicious sound environment that avoids the infantilization of music.

Artistic team

Artistic team

Direction and dramaturgy: Faló Garcia i Pellejà

Stage direction: Aina Sánchez

Performers: Faló Garcia i Pellejà, Aina Sánchez, Jana Noguera, Nina Sunyer, María Cruz, Edgar Casellas, Anna Castells

Arrangements: Maria Cruz

Scenic space: Fanny Espinet i David Fauchs

Videos: Albert Blanch

Lighting design: Andreu Fàbregas

Costumes: Sílvia Jou

Production: La Menuda and Temporada Alta

From 0 to 3 years old

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Price: Tickets on sale September 2023