Il Terzo Reich

Romeo Castellucci
On-site Icona

A video installation by the most radical and internationally recognised Italian master that criticises contemporary communication

A projector turned into a word machine that shoots out nouns at high speed. Each spectator sees different ones, those their retina has been able to capture. Some words remain, others are forgotten ant the speed with which they appear before the spectator leaves no room for choice or understanding. This video installation accompained by a performance and apodictic music is the image of an imposed and oglibatory communication, tainted bt its claim to equality. Because, in the end, all the words end up looking the same.

Duration: 30 min (aprox.)

Premiere in the Spanish State

State: Italy

Show in Spanish

Artistic team

  • By: Romeo Castellucci
  • Sounds: Scott Gibbons
  • Choreography and interpretation: Gloria Dorliguzzo
  • Video maker: Luca Mattei
  • IT consultancy: Alessandro Colla
  • Production: Societas

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