Euforia y desazón

El Eje - Sergio Boris

Un pont teatral entre l’escena independent catalana i l’argentina

Un pont teatral entre l’escena independent catalana i l’argentina

  • Ibero-American connection
  • Power relationships
  • School failure

A show by the company El Eje and the irreverent director Sergio Boris that explores the idea of failure and the power relations in which no one seems to know much about anything

Artistic team

Artistic team

Direction and dramaturgy: Sergio Boris

Performers: Eric Balbàs, Maria Hernández, Sebastián Mogordoy, Cristina Mariño and David Teixidó

Scenography and costumes: Gabriela Aurora Fernández

Dramaturgy and direction assistant: Carolina André

Illuminator and scenography assistant: Albert Ventura

Music: Fer Tur

Councilor: Mar Pawlowsky

Photography: Marc Sirisi

Production director: Júlia Simó

Executive production: El Eje, Guillem Albasanz and Núria Hernández

With the support of Iberescena, OSIC, ICEC, Barcelona City Council, Nau Ivanow and Qars Teatre

Co-production: Cassandra Artistic Projects, El Eje, FIBA Festival, Silencio de Negras and Temporada Alta

Thanks to: Nau Côclea, Automecànica Gil, Inés Garí, Jorge Karp, Mercè Giralt, Rosa Alvarez, Ester Callado


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Ibero-american Conection

21 October, 20:00New functions:20 October, 20:00
Duration: 1 h 30 min
Show in Spanish
Price: €18


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