Toni Gomila
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A twilight homage to the world and dialect of Mallorcan peasants becomes a major success

One of the biggest and most celebrated successes of the festival and of the Mallorcan actor Toni Gomila is coming home. A widely applauded and multi-award-winning monologue, it is a twilight homage to the Catalan language and peasantry. Through the metaphor of the slaughter of pigs and the sobrassada blanca (white sausage), Gomila provides a sad yet ironic insight into a world coming to an end: the world of Mallorcan peasants. A reflection on the passage of time that confirms that the particular is universal and that the history of a Mallorca that no longer exists can also be and indeed is our history. 

Duration: 1 h

Artistic team

  • Authory: Toni Gomila
  • Direction: Rafel Duran
  • Performer: Toni Gomila
  • Scenic space and costume: Rafel Lladó
  • Lighting and sound: Rafel Febrer
  • Video: Jaume Miralles
  • Production: Produccions de Ferro

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