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Col·lectiu Las Huecas

The idea of friendship by the Col·lectiu Las Huecas

In a society in which the bonds between people are deteriorating due to the fragmentation of time, work and shared space, this proposal approaches the experience of friendship as an idea to be honored, as an experience to be shared and as a form of spiritual love to be explored. To paraphrase Simone Weil: friendship is not founded on the search for the satisfaction of one’s own needs or interests. The question is: can friendship be an alternative to the commodification of affections? It may be that the experience of friendship (or a certain form of friendship) projects possibilities of life in common that resist the precariousness of bonds.

After exploring the concept of death in Aquellas que no deben morir (TA22), with this project, the Las Huecas Collective wants to continue working with the possibilities offered by disregarding the limits between life and work, between biography and fiction. Las Huecas are, above all, a group of friends, as they define themselves, so they propose to put into play in this assembly their ways of living together, of moving, of creating, as a material form of their scenic research.

Artistic team

Artistic team

Creation: Col·lectiu Las Huecas

Performers: Esmeralda Colette, Andrea Pellejero, Núria Coromines and Júlia Barbany

Technical direction: Sofía A. Martori

Sound design: Adrià Girona

Production: Esther Fernandes

Editorial accompaniment: Marta Echaves

Co-production: CCCB, El Consulado, TNT and Temporada Alta

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Price: Tickets on sale September 2023