Les Impuxibles: Ariadna and Clara Peya
  • 2021

Les impuxibles, Ariadna and Clara Peya, return to Temporada Alta with a play about the body, self-esteem and sex-affective relationships

Les Impuxibles is an artistic project focused on bringing silenced themes out of the dark, like this one that, through movement and music, speaks to us of the body turned into an occupied and politicised space.

Artistic team

Artistic team

  • Authory: Les Impuxibles, Judit Colomer and María Velasco
  • Direction: Ariadna Peya and Clara Peya
  • Musical composition and performance: Clara Peya
  • Choreography: Ariadna Peya
  • Text: María Velasco
  • Performers: Sandra Pujol, KathySey, Helena Gispert, Laila White, Ariadna Peya and Clara Peya
  • Scenography: Judit Colomer Mascaró
  • Construction of the scenography: Taller Castells
  • Lighting design: Jordi Berch
  • Sound design: Carles Bernal
  • Projections:  Carme Gomila
  • Costume: Iker Nafta
  • Costume making: Andrea Ruiz
  • Photography: Xavi Buxeda
  • Direction and production assistant: Xavi Buxeda
  • Advice on content: Teo Pardo, Elena Prous and Nagore Iturrioz
  • Accessibility advice: Èlia Farrero
  • Executive production: Gràcia Camps Miró and Mireia Gràcia Bell-lloch
  • With the support of Catalan Institute of Cultural Enterprises and INAEM
  • With the special collaboration of Festival Sismògraf
  • Created in residence in El Graner, centre for contemporary creation, L’Estruch, factory for the creation of live arts and Teatre Sagarra
  • Coproduction: Grec – Festival de Barcelona and Temporada Alta
  • Acknowledgements: Denise Duncan, Júlia Barceló, Joana Gomila, Nau Ivanow, El Graner, Carme Duran, Antonio Centeno, Vicky Fotabon, Laura Vila Kremer, Txus Garcia, Mari Luz Esteban, Mireia Calafell, Chantal Maillard, Lurdes Bergada and Syngman Cucala
  • This project has been supported by the Barcelona City Council’s “Premis Barcelona 2020” grants
  • www.lesimpuxibles.com
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Duration: 1 h 20 min

29 October, 20:00
Price: 28 €


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