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Noches de gloria

Girona, October 31st

Auditori de Girona


The small of Flores presents her latest album “Noches de gloria”

To celebrate a career spanning 25 years Rosario brought her best friends together on stage at Madrid’s Teatro Real. A great night and a great album, which now visits Girona to prove that the daughter of flamenco legends Lola Flores and Antonio Gonzalez, El Pescaílla, is a unique artist in her own right.

Artistic team

  • Performer: Rosario
  • Band: Fernando Illán (bass and musical direction), Dayan Abad (electric guitar), Josete Ordóñez (acoustic guitar), Diego Illán (drums), Tato Icasto (keyboards), Ramón González “el León” (percussions) and Mayte Pizarro (chorus)

By the same artist of: Gloria para ti (TA16)

Auditori de Girona

55€ / 30€


Wednesday, 31
– 20:30