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Red Room

Sol Picó - Susanna Barranco

Salt, December 6th

El Canal


A dance performance (Sol Picó) created from the documentary Nues (Susanna Barranco). Theatre, music and dance analysing prostitution from a gender perspective

Drawing on Susanna Barranco’s documentary Nues, Sol Picó and Barranco herself have created a raw, gender-literate multidisciplinary show – combining theatre, video and dance – that delves into the complex world of prostitution.


Sex workers Audiovisual Documentary theater

Artistic team

  • Direction: Sol Picó and Susanna Barranco
  • Dramaturgy: Susanna Barranco and Sol Picó, including an extract of the book King Kong Theory, by Virginie Despentes
  • Script: Susanna Barranco
  • Performers: Sol Picó, Susanna Barranco and Lorenza di Calogero
  • Choreographic composition: Sol Picó
  • Scenic space: Joan Manrique
  • Lighting: Ana Rovira
  • Choreographic assitant: Viviana Escalé
  • Performance assistent: Núria Badia
  • Video: Documental Nues bySusanna Barranco (LaBarrancoFilms)
  • Scenic video assembly: Xavier Gibert
  • Production: Pia Mazuela and Susanna Barranco
  • Coproduction: Cia. Susanna Barranco, cia. Sol Picó and Temporada Alta 2019  
  • www.solpico.com
  • www.susannabarranco.com


Els diners, el desig, els drets (TA19), Dancing with Frogs (TA17), We Women (TA15), One Hit Wonders (TA14), Memòries d’una puça (TA12), Bésame el cactus(TA01)

El Canal


Duration: 1 h


Friday, 6
– 20:30