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Mili KK

Marc Angelet

Girona, from November 28th to December 2nd

Sala La Planeta


Jumon Erra and Marc Angelet direct this verbatim theatrical performance about the movement that was able to abolish military service in Spain

Based on the testimony of firsthand witnesses, Mili KK tackles the history of the conscientious objection movement in Spain. Emerging alongside the nascent democracy in the early ‘80s, the insumisos achieved the abolition of compulsory military service after years of struggle, shaking the military establishment.

Artistic team

  • Dramaturgy: Jumon Erra and Marc Angelet
  • Direction: Marc Angelet
  • Cast: Francesc Cuéllar, Rafa Delacroix and Alberto Lozano
  • Lightning and sound: Lluís Robirola
  • Video: Alejo Davis
  • Scenes advice: Anna Tantull
  • Direction assistant and stage manager: Cris Valdés
  • Coordination of Verbatim cycle: Ferran Joanmiquel
  • Production: Mithistòrima Produccions, SL and Sala La Planeta
  • Co-production: Temporada Alta
  • With the support of: ICEC, Ajuntament de Girona and Diputació de Girona
  • With the collaboration of: Fàbrica de creació La Seca – Espai Brossa
  • In appreciation with: Escola de Cultura de la Pau, Jordi Muñoz, Pepe Beunza, Jordi Armadans, Marti Olivella, Carlos Angel Ordás, Tomás Gisbert and Enric Angelet
  • www.laplaneta.cat

By the same author of: Pluja (TA16), El ninot o la lluna – Torneig de Dramatúrgia (TA12)

Sala La Planeta


Duration: 1 h (aprox.)

Language: Catalan and Spanish


Wednesday, 28
– 20:30

Thursday, 29
– 20:30

Friday, 30
– 20:30


Saturday, 1
– 20:30

Sunday, 2
– 18:00


Not numbered

Post-performance discussion following each session