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Albert Pla

Girona, November 2nd

Auditori de Girona


The fear as One of our artists most provocative: Albert Pla

Catalan singer-songwriter and peformer Albert Pla is one of a kind. In this dramatised concert, he explores all of the terrors that haunt us as human beings, from childhood to the grave – and perhaps beyond.

Artistic team

  • Original idea: Albert Pla
  • Direction: Pepe Miravete
  • Music and songs: Albert Pla and Raül “Refree”
  • Performer: Albert Pla
  • Art design: Mondongo
  • Staging: cube bz.
  • Lighting: Russo
  • Sound: Judit Farrés
  • Video: Nueveojos
  • Production: Complejo Teatral de Buenos Aires
  • www.albertpla.com

By the same artist of: Guerra (TA15), Manifestació (TA12), Somiatruites (TA10)

Auditori de Girona

26€ / 18€

Duration: 1 h 15 min


Friday, 2
– 20:30