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Love me not

Lluís Miñarro


A rather unconventional film by the director of Stella Cadente with the script by Sergi Belbel

Starring Ingrid García-Jonsson in the leading role, Love me not is an allegorical drama that revives the legendary biblical figure of Salome, and is divided into two parts. The first part takes place in 2006, in a military detachment in the Middle East, in which Yokanaan, considered a terrorist by some and a prophet by others, is held in a military prison in the middle of the desert; while the second part takes us to the present day. After Stella Cadente, Lluís Miñarro returns to the big screen with a rather unconventional film.


Artistic team

  • Direction: Lluís Miñarro
  • Script: Lluís Miñarro and Sergi Belbel
  • Performers: Ingrid García-Jonsson, Francesc Orella, Lola Dueñas, Oliver Laxe, Luis Alberti, Fausto Alzati, Hugo Catalán, Lu Colomina and Gabriel Ventura
  • Film assembly: Núria Esquerra and Gemma Cabello
  • Photography: Santiago Racaj
  • Sound: Al Rey Bolano, Amanda Villavieja and Alejandro Castillo
  • Production: Lluís Miñarro and Piano Producciones
  • With the support of ICEC – Generalitat de Catalunya
  • With the participation of Televisió de Catalunya


Tuesday, 15
– 20:00


Not recommended for children under 16 years old

Film in Catalan, Spanish, English and some French with Spanish subtitles

Presentation by Lluís Miñarro and Francesc Orella

Temporada Alta’s cinema programming is made in coordination and collaboration by the cinema critics of Girona / Cinema Truffaut