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Les Perseides

Alberto Dexeus - Ànnia Gabarró

Girona, December 3rd

Sala Truffaut (Cinemes Albéniz Plaça)


Artistic team

  • Direction: Ànnia Gabarró and Alberto Dexeus
  • Script: Alberto Dexeus, Ànnia Gabarró and Maria Colomer
  • Actors: Nora Sala-Patau, Marta Tremps, Carmela Poch and Eduard Buch
  • Photography: Ssoí Ramon
  • Sound: Ginebra Abril
  • Music: Ángel Pérez Ortega
  • Film assembly: Alba Cid and Katia Armesto
  • Production: Boogaloo Films
  • With the collaboration of Universitat Pompeu Fabra and TV3
  • www.boogaloofilms.com/projects/perseides

Sala Truffaut (Cinemes Albéniz Plaça)


Duration: 72 min


Tuesday, 3
– 20:00

Preview in Catalonia

Film in Catalan

Presentation by Alberto Dexeus and Ànnia Gabarró

Temporada Alta’s cinema programming is made in coordination and collaboration by the cinema critics of Girona / Cinema Truffaut