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Las tribulaciones de Virginia

Hermanos Oligor

Salt, October from 5th to 8th

Teatre de Salt


One of the best performances by Germans Oligor, a delicate portrayal of love and heartbreak that been a sell-out wherever it has gone

A big top that holds only 48 spectators. A miniature circus of contrap-tions and gizmos, powered by levers and pedals. The flickering light of a birthday candle. This is the magical world of the Oligor brothers. An intricate and fragile spectacle that has been entrancing audiences for years.


Artistic team

  • Idea and realitzation: Hermanos Olligor
  • Cast: Jomi i Pepe Oligor
  • Production: Hermanos Oligor and Festival Internacional de Teatre Visual i de Titelles de Barcelona
  • www.oligor.org

By the same creators of: Primer Àlbum (TA16), La màquina de la soledad (TA14)

Teatre de Salt

24 €

Duration: 1 h 30 min

Language: Spanish


Friday, 5
– 20:30

Saturday, 6
– 18:00
– 20:30

Sunday, 7
– 18:30


sunday, 7
– 16:00

monday, 8
– 18:00
– 20:30

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