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La tendresa (Girona)

Dagoll Dagom - T de Teatre

Girona, November 8th

Teatre Municipal de Girona


A comedy of mistakes by Alfredo Sanzol

La tendresa (“Tenderness”) is a Catalan version of Alfredo Sanzol’s acclaimed and multi-award-winning piece. A hilarious comedy of sexual mix-ups and misunderstandings inspired by the universe of Shakespeare.

Comedy of messes Period Theater Fight between sexes

Artistic team

  • Text and direction: Alfredo Sanzol 
  • Translation: Joan Lluís Bozzo 
  • Performers: Laura Aubert, Elisabet Casanovas, Javier Beltrán, Marta Pérez, Jordi Rico and Ferran Vilajosana
  • Scenic space and costume: Alejandro Andújar 
  • Lighting: Pedro Yagüe 
  • Original music: Fernando Velázquez 
  • Sound: Damià Martínez 
  • Characterization: Eva Fernández 
  • Executive production: Anna Rosa Cisquella and Daniel López-Orós 
  • Direction assistant: Carolina Morro 
  • Scenic space assistant and costume: Maria Albadalejo 
  • Technical director: Rubèn Taltavull 
  • Production and administration director: Natàlia Obiols 
  • Communication and marketing: Anna Candelas 
  • Production: Dagoll Dagom and T de Teatre in collaboration with Teatro de la Ciudad and the support of ICEC from Generalitat de Catalunya.
  • Thanks to: Àgata Roca, Albert Ribalta, Punto Blanco 
  • www.latendresa.com

Teatre Municipal de Girona

45€ / 36€ / 25€ / 6€

Duration: 1 h 50 min


Friday, 8
– 20:30