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Sergio Blanco - Sergi Belbel

Salt, October 20th

Teatre de Salt


Elisabet Casanovas takes the leading role in a monologue written by Sergio Blanco and directed by Sergi Belbel which removes the myths behind the legend of Cassandra

Drawing on the myth of Cassandra, Sergio Blanco has written a monologue in a language that is not his own. The Trojan heroine, speaking the broken English of a modern-day migrant, a seller of contraband goods, tells her story and demystifies her own myth.

Artistic team

  • Author: Sergio Blanco
  • Direction: Sergi Belbel
  • Cast: Elisabet Casanovas
  • Scenic space: Max Glaenzel
  • Lighting: Kiko Planas
  • Sound: Jordi Bonet
  • Costume: Mercè Paloma
  • Production: Temporada Alta and Teatre Nacional de Catalunya

By the same author of: El bramido de Düsseldorf (TA18), La ira de Narciso (TA16), Tebasland (TA14)

Teatre de Salt

28€ / 16€

Duration: 2 h (aprox.)


Saturday, 20
– 20:30