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Isabella’s room

Jan Lauwers & Needcompany

Girona, October 6th

Teatre Municipal de Girona


A theatrical milestone, directed by Jan Lauwers and interpreted by the actress Viviane De Muynck who has revolutionised the European stages

Since it was first performed in 2004, Isabella’s Room has become one of Jan Lauwers and Needcompany’s most highly acclaimed shows. A landmark in the history of twenty first century European theatre, star ring the great Belgian actress Viviane De Muynck, a regular collaborator of Lauwers’.

Artistic team

  • Direction and dramaturgy: Jan Lauwers (except The Liar’s Monologue, written by Anneke Bonnema)
  • Cast: Viviane De Muynck, Anneke Bonnema, Hans Petter Dahl, Julien Faure, Benoît Gob, Misha Downey, Sung-Im Her, Sarah Lutz, Maarten Seghers, Elke Janssens i Jan Lauwers
  • Music: Hans Petter Dahl i Maarten Seghers
  • Costume: Lemm&Barkey
  • Co-production: Festival d’Avignon, Théâtre de la Ville (Paris), Théâtre Garonne (Tolousse), La Rose des Vents, Scène Nationa-le of Villeneuve d’Ascq (France) and Brooklyn Academy of Music de New York (United States). Cooperation between Kaaitheater (Brussels) and Flemish Community Commission of Brussels
  • www.needcompany.org
  • With the sponsorship of:

Teatre Municipal de Girona

36€ / 25€ / 8€

Duration: 2 h

Language: English and French - Surtitles: Catalan


Saturday, 6
– 20:30


State: Belgium