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Toti Toronell - Pere Hosta - Slow Olou

Girona, November 2nd and 3rd

La Mercè


The last show of Slow Olou, endearing clow by the hand of Toti Toronell and Pere Hosta

An encounter between two clowns, each bringing a different approach to comedy, which emphasises the poetry of the visual to conjure up the strange subworld of the snail men. Audiences are invited along on a surreal and humorous journey.

Artistic team

  • Idea and direction: Toti Toronell and Pere Hosta
  • Clowns: Toti Toronell and Pere Hosta
  • Costume: Slow Olou
  • Scenic space: Plural Garrotxa
  • Production: Cia. Toti Toronell i Cia. Perehosta (Slow Olou)
  • Gratitude: Fira Mediterrània de Manresa
  • With the collaboration of: Ajuntament de Girona and Diputació de Girona
  • www.slowolou.com

By the same artists of: Micro-Shakespeare (TA14), Pàjaru (TA12)

La Mercè


Duration: 50 min


Friday, 2
– 20:30

Saturday, 3
– 20:30



Saturday, 3
– 18:00

Not numbered

Show without text and itinerant

Show for all audiences:
From 8 years old