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El Senyor Petit

Anna M. Ricart - Anna Roca - Teatre a la Fuga

Banyoles, October 13th and 14th

La Factoria d'Arts Escèniques de Banyoles


A show by Anna Roca and the company Teatre a la Fuga about the curiosity, imagination and magic of children

The award-winning Contes 1.0 is followed by the second partnership between director Anna Roca and the Teatre a la Fuga company. In this proposal, they invite us to reflect on curiosity, imagination and magic, concepts which too often fade away as we grow older.


Artistic team

  • Autohr: Anna Maria Ricart
  • Direction: Anna Roca
  • Cast: Laura Pujolàs and Tere Solà
  • Set design: Lluís Nadal “Koko”
  • Lighting: August Viladomat
  • Sound design: Marc Paneque
  • Costume and props: Judith Torres
  • Original music: Francesc Vilanova
  • Production: Punt produccions teatrals s. l.
  • With the support of: Ajuntament de Banyoles
  • With the collaboration of: Temporada Alta
  • www.puntproduccions.com

By the same author of: El metge de Lampedusa (TA17)

La Factoria d'Arts Escèniques de Banyoles


Duration: 1 h

Language: Catalan


Saturday, 13
– 19:00

Sunday, 14
– 12:00
– 17:00


Recommended age:
+4 years old