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El Chinabum

Berta Prieto and Lola Rosales - Paula Ribó

Girona, November 17th

Sala La Planeta


A generational portrait that plays out in the bathroom of a Chinese restaurant. A play which has already won over the underground scene in Barcelona

A reflection on a disillusioned age group, raised to win reality talent shows and worship Lady Gaga. A “cupcake life”. A portrait of a generation, centered on three young women locked in the bathroom of a Chinese bar.


Young people Change the world Existential doubts

Artistic team

  • Authors: Berta Prieto and Lola Rosales
  • Direction: Paula Ribó
  • Performers: Berta Prieto, Lola Rosales, Paula Vicente and Mercè Garcés
  • Music: Paula Jornet
  • Scenic space: Maria Vicente
  • Custome: Verónica Febrero
  • Lighting: Roger Piqué
  • Sound space: Iker Rañé
  • Audiovisuals: Pep Omedes and Martina Orobitg
  • Director assistant: Marta Ros
  • Movement coach: Carla Tovias
  • Coproduction: Companyia Aura al Pou and Amici Miei Produccions

Sala La Planeta


Duration: 1 h


Sunday, 17
– 18:00



Sunday, 17
– 20:00


Postshow (17/11)

With the company                               Dinamize: Nova Veu                                   Organizes: Artèria

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