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Oriol Broggi – Julio Manrique

Girona, November 10th

Teatre Municipal de Girona


A classical protagonitzated by Juliol Manrique

Renowned actor and director Julio Manrique once again places him-self under the orders of Oriol Broggi to take the leading role in a contemporary version of Sophocles’s classic play. A tragic tale of fate and the human subject’s struggle against itself.

Artistic team

  • Author: Sòfocles
  • Version: Jeroni Rubió
  • Drmaturgy: Marc Artigau and Oriol Broggi
  • Direction: Oriol Broggi
  • Cast: Julio Manrique, Carles Martínez, Marc Rius, Mercè Pons, Ramon Vila, Miquel Gelabert and Clara de Ramon
  • Scenic space: Roger Orra and Oriol Broggi 
  • Lighting: Pep Barcons
  • Sound: Damien Bazin
  • Costume: Anna Ribera 
  • Production: Teatre Romea

By the same director of: Un obús al cor (TA16), Cels (TA14), Incendis (TA12), Luces de bohemia (TA11), Hamlet (TA09), Oncle Vània (TA07)

Teatre Municipal de Girona

36€ / 25€ / 8€

Duration: 1 h 50 min

Language: Catalan


Saturday, 10
– 17:30
– 20:30