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Correu Brossa

ConArte Internacional

Girona, October 10th to 13th

Sala La Planeta


A stage set inspired by Joan Brossa, the result of a year’s artistic work with Year 5 primary school students. A reflection on the education system today

Correu Brossa is an installation created with materials collected by primary school students aged 10 to 11, exploring the creative universe of the Catalan poet Joan Brossa. A space in which to reflect on the values of the education system.


Social Educational project Joan Brossa

Artistic team

  • Design and commission:  Natàlia Llovet and Inés García
  • Idea and coordination: Anna Carné and Laura Alcalà
  • Artistic accompaniment: Judit Vidiella
  • Creation: Students from 5th grade of Primary Schools La Farga and El Gegant del Rec de Salt and L’Esculapi of l’Escala. Teachers ConArte: Alba Bosch, Maria Geli, Marina Gil, Judit Farrés and Laura Alcalà
  • Pedagogical accompaniment: Natàlia Nadal, Jordi Miralles, Xavi Alsina, Carme Gutiérrez and Míriam Céspedes
  • Installation video editing: Natàlia Llovet
  • Sound space composition: Judit Farrés
  • Process video: Clàudia Barberà
  • Process photography: Erika Prüfert
  • Producction: ConArte Internacional
  • With the support of Interreg-Poctefa, Diputació de Girona, A Tempo, Fundació Carasso, Fundació Brossa, El Galliner and ERAM


Thursday, 10
– 19:00

Friday, 11
– 18:00

Saturday, 12
– 11:00
– 16:00

Sunday, 13
– 11:00
– 17:00

Space not accessible for people with reduced mobility


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