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Pere Solés

Girona, December 4th

Cinema Truffaut


A fictional documentary based on true accounts to destigmatise anorexia

Ara is a work of fiction, but nothing which takes place lacks reality; all the actresses have suffered from anorexia and undergone therapy. A reflection on the obsession with images and the cult of the body which prevails in our society.

Artistic team

  • Script and direction: Pere Solés
  • Cast: Núria Brunsó, Ariadna de Bolòs, Anna Petit, Irene Quintana, Mariona Esteve, Mònica Argila, Martina Busquet, Nerea Ortega, Núria Caritg, Yaiza Bujalance and Helena Verdaguer. Theraphists: Pau Chapur, Montse Serra and Natàlia Gallart. Psychiastrist: Carme Mariscot. Núria’s family: Gemma Costal and Gerard Brunsó. Theatre’s teacher: Dani Valentín
  • Photography: Diego Dussuel
  • Sound director: Eva Valiño
  • Artistic direction: Art Estudi
  • Film editing: Sergi Dies

Cinema Truffaut


Duration: 90 min

Language: Catalan


Tuesday, 4
– 20:30

Not numbered

Post-performance colloquium with the film’s artistic team