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Aquest país no descobert que no deixa tornar de les seves fronteres cap dels seus viatgers

Àlex Rigola

Salt, November 21st and 22nd

Teatre de Salt

Imatge d'aquest país no descobert que no deixa tornar de les seves fronteres cap dels seus viatgers

Rigola continues exploring the boundaries of the stage with a documentary theatre production focusing on the “real” experiences of the leading actress, Alba Pujol

A historian through and through, the academic Josep Pujol, an economist and professor of history and political institutions, reflects on his life with his daughter, the actor, playwright and poet, Alba Pujol, between chemotherapy sessions.


Documentary theater Life and death Real facts

Artistic team

  • Creation and direction: Àlex Rigola
  • Performers: Alba Pujol and Xavi Sáez (rest of cast in progress)
  • Scenic space: Max Glaenzel
  • Direction assistant: Alba Pujol
  • Dramaturgy assistance: Alba Pujol and Irene Vicente Salas
  • Direction assistance: Dobrin Plamenov (internship student from Institut del Teatre)
  • Distribution: Art Republic
  • Coproduction: Sala Beckett, Titus Andrònic, SL, Heartbreak Hotel and Temporada Alta 2019 
  • With the support of Generalitat de Catalunya
  • www.alexrigola.com


Un enemigo del pueblo (TA18), Macho man (TA18), Vania (TA17), Who is me. Pasolini (TA16), Migranland (TA13), El policía de las ratas (TA13), Macbeth (TA12), Nixon-Frost (TA09), Días mejores (TA08), 2666 (TA07), La nit just abans dels boscos(TA06), Ricard III (TA05), European House (TA05)

Teatre de Salt

28€ / 16€

Duration: 1 h 10 min


Thursday, 21
– 20:30

Friday, 22
– 20:30


Show with English surtitles

Postshow (22/11)

With Àlex Rigola and the actors                           Energizes: Recomana                         Organize:

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