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An Elephant Sitting Still

Hu Bo


A generational drama that was a great success at the 2018 Berlinale

Four teenagers who live in a large city in northern China dream of fleeing to Manzhouli, in Inner Mongolia, where an elephant that has escaped from the circus has been sitting in a natural park for some weeks. This is the setting for An Elephant Sitting Still, by novelist and director Hu Bo. A brilliant, surprising and yet painful début is, at the same time, almost a final film-making testament, as its director committed suicide before completing the final cut. A generational social drama that was a great success at the 2018 Berlinale.


Artistic team

  • Script, direction and film assembly: Hu Bo
  • Actors: Peng Yu Chang, Zhang Yu, Liu Congxi and Wang Yuwen
  • Artistic direction: Xie Lijia
  • Photography: Fan Chao
  • Sound: Ren Yiming
  • Music: Hua Lun
  • www.capriccicine.es/an-elephant-sitting-still

Sala Truffaut (Cinemes Albéniz Plaça)


Duration: 234 min (with 10 min pause)


Wednesday, 23
– 19:00

Country: China

Film in Mandarin with Spanish subtitles

Presentation and subsequent debate by Àngel Quintana

Temporada Alta’s cinema programming is made in coordination and collaboration by the cinema critics of Girona / Cinema Truffaut