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25 Il.lusions

Mag Lari

Girona, October 13th

Teatre Municipal de Girona


Mag Lari celebrates 25 years on stages

Mag Lari, the most popular magician in Catalonia, celebrates 25 years on the stage with a show that looks back over the highlights of his career and his most famous numbers: conjuring tricks, impossible feats of prediction, special effects and games. 25 years of illusions.

Artistic team

  • Direction: David Pintó and Josep Maria Lari
  • Script: Josep Maria Lari
  • Cast: Roger Molist, Juan Carballido, Josep Ramon, Albert Obach and Estanis Farré
  • Coreography: Roger Molist
  • Voice-over: Pere Arquillué
  • Scenography: Josep Maria Lari
  • Lighting: Oriol Rufach
  • Production: Focus and Solucions Camiral
  • www.maglari.com

By the same artist of: Dolce Vita (TA17), Splenda (TA12), Somriures i màgia especial (TA10), Secrets (TA07)

Teatre Municipal de Girona

36€ / 25€ / 8€

Duration: 1 h 30 min

Language: Catalan


Saturday, 13
– 17:30
– 20:30

Forfet familiar :
104€ (zone A) / 92€ (zone B) (+ info)

Show for all audiences:
From 7 years old